Be creative with Ceramimagic


'But...I'm not very artistic'

At Ceramimagic, we don't accept the above saying is a factor in whether or not you can create a masterpiece! 

I have developed a range of techniques and accessible little tricks to help any one who wants to create a piece of pottery. I believe that with a little help, everyone will leave my studio with something they are proud of. 

Or if you're a self proclaimed artist and you want to try a different medium, there's no where better you can explore in. With a relaxed studio environment or at a mobile event, you are given the time and support needed to help develop your skills. 

It's not just for adults either! Ceramimagic is accessible for all ages. From birth we can create precious memories with hand and foot prints, along with clay imprints to mark important milestones. With toddlers we can make silly fingerprint animals, explore with sponges and even toothbrushes, all helping to develop vital mark making and physical developmental skills. For the older children small projects or some advanced techniques can be taught to enable them to feel like mini artists! 

The possibilities are endless, bring your whole family, organise a party, have a few hours of 'you' time and work on something you never thought you'd accomplish. 

Surprise yourself and others!

Thinking about Christmas presents and want to support a small local business? Come and make a homemade gift this year in our Covid safe space. 

See our latest work below and find more inspiration in our Gallery

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Who will be helping me?

My name is Trish Grammer and I've been running Ceramimagic for over 15 years. After being a Teacher at the local school, I decided to take my skills in a new direction. The school had an unused kiln and no where to put it so I took on the challenge together with a start your own pottery business course and off I went. 
Starting small in local halls, we soon realised what a success it was and transformed our garage into my very own pottery studio. I continually update my knowledge on the latest techniques and products and can't wait to share  my enthusiasm with you all, no matter your age!

News & Updates

Stay In The Know


On Saturday 30th May 2020 at 4:30pm, a devastating fire broke out on the Thursley National Nature Reserve affecting 150 hectares.  Firefighters from 4 counties, supported by local farmers, fought the blaze over 3 days and nights.
The reserve comprises of extensive areas of open dry heathland, peat bogs, pine and deciduous woodlands.  There are over 20 species of dragonflies and damselflies who live and hunt around the open ponds and ditches of the reserve as well as an array of birds which include Dartford warblers, stone chats, red kites, gold crests, red starts, white throats and wheatears.


At Ceramimagic, people have been painting a small tile to create a larger picture that will be displayed in the community. Painters have been donating money to the fundraising page which can be accessed here.

Small kits were sent out to everyone to paint their square of the project and then when they returned the picture started to take shape!


With everything that has been happening with the coronavirus pandemic, this was the perfect distraction for painters. They received their little home packs and we're able to complete this during lockdown. It was lovely to hear how people we're really appreciating being a part of something bigger.


With the amazing amount of interest, we had to expand the picture! A lovely creative border was formed of amazing tile pictures. 
The finished plaque will be displayed inside the Elstead Village Hall for all the artists to see, and as a reminder of what can be achieved with the support of a wonderful community. 
Over £1,125 was raised.