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Party in a Bag

Perfect for those rainy days.

Party in a Box!  is a unique concept where we do all the hard work preparing everything and you do the real magic at home. 

3 simple steps and you'll have your masterpieces in your home ready to use! 

  1. Order - choose what pottery you'd like to paint by emailing us. 

  2. Collection - Come and collect your Party in the bag!  Included in the pack are some top tips, painting guidelines and some techniques to get you started. 

  3. Return -  bring them back to be fired in a professional kiln firing. Your pieces will be carefully re-packed and await your collection. 

We use special food-safe sealing glaze and kiln firing which leaves your finished ceramics to a high quality, smooth and glassy texture. 

Prices are inclusive of all materials, kiln firing, and packaging. 

Delivery is possible within a 10 mile radius of the studio (Elstead, Surrey).

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